Wow. I am excited to welcome you to my place - Bella Davonna Med Spa.  For more than 15 years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of working side-by-side with some incredible pros in the beauty industry. I started my career as a makeup artist in New York City, and yes it was a fast-paced glitz-a-thon. I represented brands like Chanel, did makeup for TV crews and worked behind-the-scenes for fashion runway shows. The buzz of the press, the roar of the crowds, the international travel – was all that and a brand-new lipstick. But, the hustle started to feel more like being a stop on a conveyor belt instead of sharing with clients my love for the artistry of make-up. I felt like  I was in the business of helping people camouflage things they didn’t like instead of highlighting what they loved about themselves. Now don’t get me wrong – I loooove makeup. I just realized I wanted it to be the frosting and not the cake. Not just for clients, but for myself. I wanted the glow. I wanted my beauty to be shining like a spotlight hittin’ the sky on a Saturday night.


New York >> Texas >> Colorado >> Hello Glow! 


So my journey to becoming an aesthetician specializing in advanced medical aesthetic treatments launched as I strutted my stilettos right outta NYC and found my way to Colorado via a short stint in Texas. It's true everything is bigger in Texas and the beauty industry was booming.  But dang Texas, you're fabulous but too fricken’ hot! No matter how little makeup I was wearin' it was melting.  So I hustled on over to Colorado to buckle down and get my Esthetician certification from the College of International Esthetics in Denver and certified in the State of Colorado.


So here’s where all the gorgeous people hang out! My goodness, the people in Colorado are beautiful. This is so my town and the perfect city to open my own shop.


Being an aesthetician and bringing the glow is my jam. The fact that we can actually rebuild the integrity of the skin is awesome. Yes, we can refine the texture of your skin and smooth and plump with products, but nowadays we can straight up trigger the regrowth of your own collagen with a treatment. Whaaat ?$#@! Ladies and gentlemen we can revive your skin back to a youthful glow using cutting-edge, anti-aging medical treatments. We'll create a plan using my simple approach to fight aging with beauty, elegance, and grace. I specialize in enhancing facial features naturally and artistically to help you feel and look beautiful – feel and look bella. 


It’s About So Much More Than Looking Younger


Have you ever thought to yourself, “Damn I want my skin to look like the woman in that perfume magazine ad who has that warm glow!” C’mon as teens we all clipped out the fashion pics with the models that rocked that perfect “no makeup” look. Yes, I know – magazines use photoshop. And now in 2019, we all love a good filter. But, the beauty of it is – you can have the skin that looks like you are having the best “face day” of your life. I get pumped when I think about all the treatments and products available now to help you, me, all of us go for the glow. Yes, and look younger. But, it’s about more than looking younger. Honestly, the number one requests I hear are, “I want to look like I have slept this year” and “I want to leave my house looking beautiful with way less work.” Looking younger is literally just a bella-riffic side effect to rebuilding your skin.


I am a mom of two amazing little girls, so I get it. Time for you is a hot commodity. But, we deserve to make time for ourselves. And, we deserve to have gorgeous skin that helps us feel like a million bucks in just a t-shirt and jeans...even with the peanut butter and jelly blob. Right? Yaaassss.


I could talk beauty on here all day. But it’d be way more fun if you came in and we could talk about your beauty goals. Shoot me a note or give me a buzz and let’s get glowin’.


Ciao Bella!



April Allin
Owner | Licensed Aesthetician | Advanced Aesthetic Injector


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