Host a Botox Party!

Let's glow!.   Details here here here. Clarify about Botox products used. Are these safe? Answer here. Are these just for the ladies? Hell no. Guys are totally welcome. You're the host so you determine who's at your party. And, guys you can totally have your own party. I think it would be a blast to roll up to a guys' night and help you all get high and tight. 

Botox Party Planning Details
  • Minimum 5 people for your party that plan on purchasing 20 units min.

  • Recommended book your party at least a month out so you can promote using your private event page.

  • Everyone will have to fill out consent/contact forms before the party.

  • Food & Beverages are provided by host.

  • Bella Davonna provides brochures and free gift for your guests.

  • Host receives XXX units of Botox for each host.