Chemical Peels

Skin care is a science baby.​ And we love to get chemical...

I know the words “chemical” and “acid” can sound scary and make you think, “I should put WHAT on my face?!%$?” But, chemical peels are just a way to trigger your skin's own natural chemical reaction and they're fantastic. We have many options to customize a treatment just for you. From clearing out gunked up pores to sloughing off dead and dried out skin, chemical peel facials are one of the fastest ways to put a fresh face forward. 


How can a chemical peel help you?

Below are some answers to the most common questions I hear about chemical peels. Need more details? Book a free consultation below and let's get you the answers you need. Let's glow...
That’s how chemical peels are a one-two punch for dull and dried out skin! They refine the texture of your skin through exfoliation, but also kick in the collagen regrowth.

Is a chemical peel good for your skin?

Chemical peels are the treatments that are regenerating your skin. Peels stimulate cellular turnover. Even if you don't peel from the peel, you still are getting all of the benefits from the chemicals and acid in the product. And at Bella Davonna Med Spa we use the top of the line and only medical-grade products from iS Clinical and VI Aesthetics.

Chemical peels are regenerative – they kinda trick the skin into rebuilding your own collagen. The acids in a peel, make your skin think it’s being damaged and it reacts. Not to the same degree as a laser or microneedle, but they do stimulate new collagen growth and plump up the skin.

That’s how chemical peels are a one-two punch for dull and dried out skin! They refine the texture of your skin through exfoliation of all the dead skin, but also kick in the collagen regrowth. When you look in the mirror you see the smoothness come back and the pores start to shrink.

There are different types of peels that can help with all types of skin problems like acne or acne scars, Melasma, sunspots, rough patches, wrinkles and fine lines . . . there really is the perfect peel for everyone.


Are all chemical peels the same?

No. There are different brands and treatments we can use to help remove rough skin patches, lift pigment, and smooth fine lines. When we meet, I can help you determine the best chemical peel facial for your skin type. There are lighter peels that are just gently resurfacing the skin and you don't have any downtime or any peeling at all. These are fantastic for monthly facials, refresh before or after vacation, or for boost when your face is just feeling dull or dried out.

Mid-level chemical peels are more potent, and they may have a bit of redness and flaking. These peels are fabulous for really allowing your serums and products to get into the skin – letting your skin breathe deep.  And even though these are still lighter peels, they still lift pigment and refine the texture of the skin.

And then there's the deep peels like the VI Peel. This is where we are going to effect the papillary dermis layer of the skin. These babies are gonna make you peel. So count on some redness for 24 hours and  you will have a few days of peeling downtime. These are more aggressive, so they are awesome for reducing acne scars, fine lines, reversing sun damage and more. Clients say they feel like they have a sunburn for that first day. But wow, these are the treatments where you get the results you want fast and look and feel amazing. A skin care plan that includes a VI Peel or a stronger peel – is where we can literally hit the rewind button.  

For the best results, give us a buzz at Bella Davonna and we can tell you everything you want and need to know about chemical peels and which one is best for you. We love to talk about skin care, so book a consultation or just give us a ring.

How important is the aftercare after a chemical peel facial?

The number one, most important thing you can do after any chemical peel, no matter how strong, is avoid the sun. You definitely want to use your SPF and be reapplying it throughout the day.

Once your skin has been treated medically, it's more sensitive to the sun. And if you go out and experience direct sunlight, you could get an intense brown or trigger skin hyper pigmentation or even worse… you can get white spots in the skin known as hypo pigmentation, which cannot be corrected once that damage is done.


So puuuhhllleeeasse – wear that sunscreen. Please, please wear the sunscreen.

Some of the more advanced peels we use like the VI Peel, actually include their own aftercare kit that include medical-grade cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. That’s how we roll at Bella Davonna, we hook you up and send you home with what you need to max your treatments.