Anti-Aging Skin Care

A gorgeous glow and healthy, feel-fabulous skin is possible at any age

In 2017, Allure magazine announced that it was going to stop using the words "anti-aging" and shared, "...we are making a resolution to stop using the term 'anti-aging.' Whether we know it or not, we’re subtly reinforcing the message that aging is a condition we need to battle..."And much of the beauty industry is following their lead.


We whole-heartedly agree that there is zero wrong with aging and have and will refuse treatment to someone we feel is not approaching their skin care from a healthy perspective or has unrealistic expectations or we feel is not adhering to safety guidelines. 

That said, our readers are on the hunt for "anti-aging treatments" so you will see that lingo a bit here in order for us to connect with you and serve up the skin care tips and advice you're wanting. Let's talk skincare!
I know I am about to sound just like my mother, but wear that sunscreen! For an instant glow, book a medical-grade facial and a dermaplane. In as little as 6-8 months we can completely turn your skin around. 

How can I protect my skin from losing elasticity and firmness?

To slooooooow your skin from showing signs of aging really is about monthly maintenance, like using the medical-grade skincare products that are penetrating the skin down to the dermal layer and affecting new cell growth.


An express facial once a month for that deep cleansing treatment that you need that will also give you that deep medical-grade exfoliation that's required for your skincare products to penetrate and really be effective.


Add-in on the regular getting a Dermaplane facial or mini peel and those are going to be the number one thing you can do to keep your skin plump and looking fresh.

Of course, here in Colorado where we are so much closer to the sun. The sun is going to be your number one aging demon and it's going to cause all sorts of issues with the skin if you don't keep it protected. We really just hit the nail on the head. And, I know I sounded just like my mother then, but wear that sunscreen!


If you've already had some sun damage or you're someone who’s already seeing some signs of aging like loss of elasticity, what would you recommend?

I would recommend doing a VI Peel.  Those lift pigment, refine the tone and texture of your skin and remove the effects of sun damage beautifully. They can also repair acne damage as well. Another option would be medical microneedling where we can naturally rebuild the skin beautifully, while at the same time lifting any pigmented spots.

We gotta talk about wrinkles - how do we erase those fine lines and deeper wrinkles?

Of course, we love injectables and fillers for an immediate plump up! But, to really attack those wrinkles and lines long term the best treatment plan is a series of VI Peels and microneedling treatments.  We can really just stimulate that collagen to naturally regenerate and plump your skin right up.

Think of Collagen in the skin like a mattress or box spring that has those coils. When you get a new mattress and you jump on it, those coils just bounce right back. But over time, you know, they, they lose their firmness and they started to cave in. And that's essentially what is happening to our skin as we age.

What’s your favorite serum to fight and prevent those fine lines?

iS Clinical Proactive Serum is by far my favorite. It's a beautiful resurfacing treatment. It's essentially Retinol that's botanically based. So you get all of the benefits of a protein-based Retinol without any of the side effects like the redness, the flakiness, and the sensitivity. It’s beautiful for all skin types and, for all ages as well. I sell iS Clinical at Bella Davonna, so come on in and get it!

How have facials and treatments changed?

What we did in the past, like in the 80s, we used aggressive acids from the very intense chemical peels and heat from lasers, which can both have the risk of scarring and burning.

Now, the medical-grade treatments such as chemical peels or microneedling are specifically for loss of elasticity, pigmentation, and scarring. To help the skin rebuild itself, it has to be injured. It's the only way that the skin will grow. Today, microneedling is probably the safest and most holistic way to read below the skin.